Caseable lets you create your own cover for a Kindle, iPad, and other electronics (video)

There are several sites, where you can design your own skin for a smartphone, ereader or tablet. Caseable is moving the fun one big step forward. You can apply your custom design on advanced covers and sleeves for several models of devices, including iPhone & iPad, Kindle (Paperwhite, Touch, Fire), a dozen of tablet models, and different sizes of laptop sleeves (with all MacBook Air and Pro).

To better highlight the difference: Caseable is not about skins and adhesive. It’s about fully featured covers, hand-crafted from recycled materials. Let’s take ereader covers as an example. They have tough and rigid interior structure with neoprene padding. The interior is made from soft microsuede and there is an inside pocket for documents. All all that you can have with your favorite picture on it.

In the video above, the founders of Caseable, Marvin Amberg and Klaus Wegener, explain how the service works. As you’ll see, the end product is the sleeve with a customized design and selected zipper, and you can also add a strap. The design process is extremely easy, it’s done in a user-friendly dashboard. All it’s about is fun from expressing your own personality.

Apart from putting your own image, you can choose from a large variety of fantastic designs. Now, the best part comes: you can further personalize the chosen artwork. You can put your own text on front and back of the cover. You can also select between different colors for the inside material.

Caseable is a great site and we will include their best covers in our future posts with ereader & tablet accessories, so stay tuned!

Caseable – selected design cases and sleeves

Caseable Here I Am Kobo Glo case by Claus-Peter Schops
“Here I Am” Kobo Glo case designed by Claus-Peter Schöps.

Caseable El Camion iPad case by Ali Gulec
“El Camion” iPad case designed by Ali Gulec.

Caseable Bobafett Orange MacBook Air 13 sleeve by Aurelie Scour
“Bobafett Orange” MacBook Air 13″ sleeve by Aurélie Scour.