A bestselling book on creativity and innovation at Apple is only $2.99 for Kindle

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Published in September 2018, Creative Selection is an insider's account of the creative process at Apple
Published in September 2018, Creative Selection is an insider’s account of the creative process at Apple / Image: Emma Matthews on Unsplash

In today’s Kindle Daily Deal, you can save 90% on Ken Kocienda’s insider’s account of Apple’s creative process during the golden years of Steve Jobs.

It’s worth checking out weekend Kindle deals during National Reading Month. You can find many interesting books whose prices have never been reduced before.

From over 40 top titles featured in Kindle Daily Deal for March 10 in the US, one immediately got my attention, and I bought it instantly after reading a blurb.

It’s a Wall Street Journal Bestseller Creative Selection written by Ken Kocienda, a designer and software engineer working for over 15 years at Apple in the final years of the Steve Jobs era. Kocienda was responsible for experimenting with novel user interface concepts. He contributed to creating iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

His Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs was published in September 2018 by St. Martin’s Press (Macmillan Publishers) and is viewed by John Gruber as “a must-read for anyone interested in how Apple actually creates its products.”

The book is an insider’s account of the creative process at Apple. He explains the foundations of innovation: “inspiration, collaboration, craft, diligence, decisiveness, taste, and empathy.”

Creative Selection costs normally $28.99 but you can get it today in the US Kindle Store for only $2.99. The deal ends on midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.

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