The many benefits of reading (infographic)

The many benefits of reading #infographic

Reading for only 6 minutes a day can reduce stress by 60%

Everyone knows reading is good, but sometimes we tend to forget about it, especially in view of, well, video screen.

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National Reading Campaign, a Toronto-based non-profit organization to make reading a priority for Canada, has developed together with CBC Books, an infographic that lists main benefits of reading.

One fact wins my mind more than anything else: reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress by 60%.

The infographic is based on a summary “Reading Matters” that not only outlines most important benefits but also cites the research to back it up. It’s available for free as a pdf file (here is a download link).

Below there is a quick list of benefits, and infographic itself. Don’t hesitate to visit the original page and explore the great site of National Reading Campaign.

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What does reading do for us?

  • Reading has an impact on every part of Canadian life. Our democracy, our economy, and the quality of our daily lives are all enhanced by reading well and critically.
  • Reading is essential to the well-being of society and to our functioning as a democracy.
  • Reading is a lifelong source of pleasure for individuals.
  • Reading empowers the critical thinking skills of every individual.
  • Reading can enhance empathy and lead to greater understanding of people who are different from ourselves. It increases our emotional intelligence and helps us to appreciate other points of view.
  • Reading is essential to being able to function. It reduces barriers to access. It helps people to make meaning of their world.
  • Reading lays the foundation for future learning. It increases our self-worth. It gives us the capacity for critical thinking.
  • Reading inspires. It is a trigger for the imagination.
  • Reading increases individuals’ health and economic well-being.
  • Reading preserves the culture for the next generation. It creates a shared connection to the community.
  • It is important for society to have a large portion of the population engaged as readers so they can exercise power over their lives and understand how to make effective changes. It allows them to be active citizens.

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The many benefits of reading #infographic

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