Awe-inspiring book charts you’ll want to hang on the wall

Beautiful book charts

These wonderful charts and visualizations will express your love for books and reading.

With many readers giving a green light to ebooks, it might appear not the entire wall needs to be devoted to a bookshelf.

Don’t fear the blank white space. There are many fantastic read posters you can hang on it. But there are also posters that say much more than “read books”, and still are fantastic visuals.

First-class book charts come from Pop Chart Lab, a design studio originated by a talented duo: a book editor and a graphic designer.

They have designed, with artistic sensibility and attention to details, charts not only related to books, but also about wine, cameras, architecture, music, and a plenty of other topics people want to identify with.

Isn’t a poster something we enjoy from a distance? Well, Pop Chart Lab redefines it. It’s something we can enjoy from a distance, but also something to be admired when being really close.

You can buy book charts from Pop Chart Lab on Etsy. Most of them are sized 18 x 24″ (46 x 61 cm), and are printed on 100 lb. archival stock, certified by The Forest Stewardship Council.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artists from a first printing of 500, and comes packaged in a Pop Chart Lab branded tube.

Buying on Etsy is comfortable, as many of the book lovers are already registered users of this wonderful online marketplace of handmade, vintage or craft items.

However, if you’d like to order the poster in a different size, or pick a frame for it, go straight to Pop Chart Lab online store.

Click or tap on each chart to see it in full resolution.

16 amazing book charts and visualizations

For more inspiration, check out 16 amazing book charts and visualizations

Top article

A list of the most creative book visualizations and book-related images.

Beautiful book charts from Pop Chart Lab

Opening lines of notable novels

Book charts: Opening lines of notable novels

“Whether you’re a book buff, an English teacher, or a hard-line grammarian, this diagrammatical dissertation has something for the aesthete in all of us.”

The chart analyzes famous first lines from notable works of literature – including Pride and Prejudice, Fahrenheit 451, and Lolita.

Each opening line is turned into pictograms, using the Reed-Kellogg system for breaking down grammatical construction of sentences. The effect is astonishing. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

The cocktail chart of film and literature

The cocktail chart of film and literature

This gorgeous poster will suit not only those who excessively consume good books, movies, and alcohol.

Put it on the wall and you’ll welcome your guests with a ready-to-use selection of 49 drinks culled from great works of film and literature.

You’ll find here a recipe for Mint Julep, a favorite drink of Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby), or a drink to make Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol a bit happier. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

The Great Gatsby chart

Book charts: The Great Gatsby

The chart breaks down the comings and goings of characters in one of the best novels of the 20th century – The Great Gatsby.

A map at the top shows New York locations of scenes in the book. Underneath you’ll have a chance to trace plot action and movement (by trains, cars, and feet) for main heroes, as well as other characters. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

A metrical mapping of notable sonnets

A Metrical Mapping of Notable Sonnets

Perhaps the best description of this masterpiece is an original sonnet written by the team from Pop Chart Lab. Here is the verse:

Here we show the cogs, the ticking parts
Of timeless poems, loved and plenty praised:
Direct thine eyes upon these fourteen charts
The rhyme, the feet, the iambs! Stand amazed!

This subtle chart presents fourteen sonnets from William Shakespeare, Mary Robinson, John Keats, Francesco Petrarch and other authors.

Each sonnet is gently “enhanced” with intonation and rhyme hints. Stand amazed! ⇢ Etsy – $29.

A guide to fiction genres

Book charts: a guide to fiction genre

“A Plotting of Fiction Genres” chart is epic. It investigates the genres of most famous books and puts them together in a catching visual.

Whether you’re partial to Epic Fantasies (“The Lord of The Rings), Romance (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”), Cozy Mysteries (“The Convivial Codfish”), or Literature Qua Literature (“Moby Dick”), this celebration of creative writing’s delineations is sure to please readers of all brows—whether high-, low-, or in-between.

The book covers you’ll find in the design are fictional. The team from Pop Chart Lab designed them for the main fiction genres, like science-fiction, mystery, or horror.

From there you’ll be able to follow sub-genres – each one represented by the most famous title. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

The parts of speech

Parts of speech explained by famous figures from books and movies

“A Pop Culture Primer on Parts of Speech” is a marvellous chart that uses famous figures from books, movies, and music to help explain the part of speech.

With an all-hand-illustrated cast that includes ET, Robocop, Holly Golightly, Ice Cube, and Nic Cage (hey, he’s in everything, isn’t he?), this media-spanning lexical primer goes to infinitives–and beyond!

For instance, the verb forms are explained using the text “Frodo, Samwise, and Gollum walk”. Dr. Who takes you on a tour through prepositions of time. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

Bonus: Exquisite espresso-based drinks

Exquisite espresso-based drinks

This poster is not specifically about books, but for many avid readers books and coffee are best friends.

“Exceptional Expressions of Espresso” is a break down of the ingredient ratios of 23 exquisite espresso-based drinks: from Breve to Dry Cappuccino to Black Eye. ⇢ Etsy – $29.

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