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Best gifts for audiobook lovers

17 most exciting gifts to give audiobook lovers for every occasion

Are you wondering what gift to give someone who loves audiobooks? In this overview, you’ll find a lot of inspiring ideas!

Ola Kowalczyk July 6, 2019
Tips & more
How to create promote and sell and ebook - start writing

How to write, promote, and sell an ebook – in 9 easy steps (infographic)

Are you planning to publish an ebook? Make sure to check out this infographic to learn how to do it efficiently and get the best results.

Ola Kowalczyk July 5, 2019
Tips & more
Famous books that began as dreams - Misery by Stephen King

11 famous books that began as dreams (infographic)

From Frankenstein to Misery, to Jane Eyre, these books by famous authors were inspired by dreams… or nightmares.

Ola Kowalczyk July 1, 2019
"Literary Homes" by Su Blackwell - book art series from 2017

Homes of famous authors recreated in a stunning book art series

In ‘Literary Homes’ project, Su Blackwell used copies of famous books by classic women writers of the 19th century.

Ola Kowalczyk June 17, 2019
Tips & more
Quick tips for smarter reading - full infographic

Simple tips to help read quicker and comprehend more (infographic)

Do you consider yourself a smart reader? You can do even better with these quick tips that has just been shared by Macmillan Education.

Ola Kowalczyk June 16, 2019
Tips & more
Best quotes about the importance of books and libraries

50 most convincing quotes about the importance of books and libraries

Here are lesser-known but brilliant quotes that motivate to read books and use libraries more often than ever before. Ready to share as images in your social media.

Ola Kowalczyk June 14, 2019
Evolution of alphabet - full flowchart

A fascinating evolution of the alphabet (flowchart)

It’s just a series of characters, but what a fascinating read!

Ola Kowalczyk June 9, 2019
Tips & more
History of audiobooks - 60s

140 years of audiobooks (infographic)

Mary Had a Little Lamb was the first audio recorded by Thomas Edison in 1877 on his newly invented phonograph.

Ola Kowalczyk June 7, 2019
Tips & more
What happens when you stop reading over the summer - infographic

What happens when students stop reading over the summer (infographic)

What are you planning to do during your summer holidays? Make sure that between binge-watching Netflix series you will have some time…

Ola Kowalczyk June 5, 2019
Tips & more
Celebrity books to inspire you: Amy Poehler - Yes Please

12 celebrity memoirs and autobiographies to inspire and motivate you (infographic)

Whether you need a good laugh, a good cry or maybe both, these books will give you the feels and inspire you to reach for more.

Ola Kowalczyk May 29, 2019
Cute Amazon Fire HD 10 folio stand case

Cute Amazon Fire HD 10 folio stand case

Are you looking for adorable cases for your new 10-inch Fire tablet? Check out the folio stand covers from Cute Pets series by Dteck. They fit both the 2019 and 2017 model.

Average rating: 4.4/5

Amazon $18.99

Flexible iPad 10.2 case compatible Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard

Flexible iPad 10.2 case compatible with Smart Keyboard

From ESR comes a clever, flexible back case that seamlessly works with the original Apple Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover, giving your 10.2-inch iPad a complete 360-degree protection against bumps and scratches.

Average rating: 4.4/5

Amazon $10.99


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