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A timeline of famous authors - infographic 2020

When top writers lived and published their most famous books (infographic)

A history of literature as seen through the lives and books of the world’s beloved American and British writers.

Ola Kowalczyk March 4, 2020
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The most popular book that takes place in every American state - full infographic

U.S. map with most popular books set in each state (infographic)

Here is a way to travel across the United States without leaving your home. Stay safe in your bed or sofa, drink your favorite beverage, and read a great book.

Ola Kowalczyk February 29, 2020
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The classroom of the future infographic 2020

How technology is shaping the classroom of the future (infographic)

Technology can help educators and students achieve better results in shorter time through personalization and innovation.

Ola Kowalczyk February 24, 2020

Don’t judge a book by its price. Top reads adapted for the screen are up to 80% off

Over 100 Kindle editions of popular books that were adapted for movies and TV series are heavily discounted today. Get The Witcher, The Return of the King, Life of Pi, or Killing Eve for less than $4 each.

Ola Kowalczyk February 23, 2020
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Most-spoken languages in the world 2020

100 most-spoken languages in the world (infographic)

There are more than 7,000 languages or dialects regularly spoken around the world. Take a look at which ones are most popular in 2020.

Ola Kowalczyk February 16, 2020
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100 things schoolchildren miss without a school librarian

100 things schoolchildren will miss without a librarian

This outstanding visual is a timeless – and complete – list of reasons we should support libraries and librarians.

Ola Kowalczyk February 13, 2020
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Best romantic quotes from literature

22 romantic quotes from novels, plays, and poems (infographic)

Are you looking for a thought that would best describe your feelings towards the person you love? Check out this inspiring infographic with love quotes from literature.

Ola Kowalczyk February 6, 2020
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Books versus screen adaptations - comparison of ratings IMDB and Goodreads

Books are almost always better than their screen adaptations

Based on ratings from Goodreads and IMDB, 83.5% of books are better than their movie or TV show adaptations.

Ola Kowalczyk January 30, 2020
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How mobile devices can help modern libraries - infographic

How can mobile devices help modern libraries? (infographic)

The infographic collects quick facts about how smartphones and tablets help enhance library services and create better experience.

Ola Kowalczyk January 21, 2020
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The best science fiction novels of all time - full infographic

What are the best sci-fi books of all time? (infographic)

This infographic list of the best all-time science fiction books is focusing on artificial intelligence, time travel, and space exploration.

Ola Kowalczyk December 29, 2019
Fully-adjustable video-conferencing iPad stand

Foldable, fully adjustable aluminum iPad stand

This stylish and stable stand from Satechi lets you adjust both the angle and height, helping you set your iPad closer to eye level. It’s helpful when you take part in online meetings or make lots of video calls. ⇢ More iPad stands.

Average rating: 4.6/5

Amazon $34.99

Mpow single wireless earbud for audiobooks

Mpow single wireless earbud – perfect for audiobooks

Using one earphone helps control what’s happening around you. Why buy two, then? This single-piece Bluetooth earbud can play audiobooks for up to 8 hours. It comes with an integrated noise-cancelling mic and updated clear HD audio.

Average rating: 4.5/5

Amazon $29.99

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