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Living authors with the most movie adaptations #infographic

Which living authors have the most movie adaptations? (infographic)

Books are an endless inspiration for filmmakers. Have you ever wondered which living authors have had the most movies adapted from their…

The reader's guide to coffee #infographic

Book lover’s dream: coffee and books (infographic)

It’s a book lover’s guide to coffee. Or a coffee lover’s guide to books. No matter which way, this infographic is simply…

A history of the blockbuster book #infographic

Most popular books of all time (infographic)

Global English Editing, a company that offers professional editing and proofreading services, has released a new infographic that takes a closer look…

63 differences between American and British English #infographic

American vs British English – over 60 differences in one place (infographic)

Do you still have a moment of doubt when you want to call the…, well, a taxi or a cab? Which word…

Fascinating book paintings by Pierpaolo Rovero

Impressively detailed book paintings by Pierpaolo Rovero (pictures)

No view is more beautiful than the space full of books. Turin-based cartoonist and illustrator Pierpaolo Rovero will let you enjoy this…

Today salaries of famous fictional characters #infographic

Today salaries of characters from famous novels (infographic)

How much would characters from famous books get paid for their jobs if they were working today? A search engine for jobs…

Tips for improving reading fluency #infographic

Tips for improving reading fluency (infographic)

Fluent readers read with better accuracy, speed, and expression. Compared to nonfluent readers (who have skills in vocabulary or syntax), fluent readers…

Ebook geek problems No. 39 - Now, when we have the Kindle and the iPad, we’ve started reading printed books again.

Ebook geek problems #39

Now, when we have the Kindle and the iPad, we’ve started reading printed books again. Shared by Ola Kowalczyk

Which languages are easiest and hardest to learn #infographic

What languages are the easiest to learn? (infographic)

This infographic was released by Voxy a couple of years ago, but it’s worth sharing as it tries to sort popular languages…

NovelTea - The Picture of Earl Grey

NovelTea Tins are tea blends in tins shaped like books

A collection of tea blends from NovelTea is where the love for books meets the love for tea.

Valentine's Day 2017 deal on bestselling Kindle romance novels

Today only, New York Times bestseller romances are up to 80% off on Kindle

On Valentine’s Day 2017, you can get over 20 bestselling novels and save up to 80%. Nicholas Sparks, Robyn Carr, Rachel Van Dyken, among others.

Book illustrations by Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu

Clever illustrations explain the value of books in life (pictures)

We frequently feature artists who focus on showing how important the books are in our lives. One of most clever book illustrations…

Which literary couple are you? #infographic

Which famous literary couple are you? (infographic)

This wonderful flowchart was prepared for Valentine’s Day by the team from Penguin Books. When you answer a couple of questions, you…

A history of Harry Potter's Hogwarts house points #infographic

A handy guide to Hogwarts house points (infographic)

Throughout the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts teachers use house points to punish and praise Harry Potter and his colleagues. Pottermore has just…

Common questions about ebooks answered #infographic

Most common questions about ebooks answered (infographic)

Early Bird Books, the site collecting ebook deals, has released a simple infographic that puts together the most common questions new ebook…

What's hot in literacy at a glance #infographic

Trends in literacy for 2017 (infographic)

International Literacy Association has just released an annual What’s Hot in Literacy report aimed at spotting the changing literacy trends from year…

Most popular OverDrive ebooks audiobooks 2016 #infographic

Most popular ebooks and audiobooks borrowed from OverDrive in 2016 (infographic)

Last year, OverDrive, a leading provider of ebooks and audiobooks to libraries, has seen a huge surge in the number of checkouts.…

Yoga for book lovers #infographic

12 yoga poses for book lovers (infographic)

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make resolutions. Reading more books and getting in shape is on a…

PopSugar reading challenge 2017 #infographic

Take the 2017 reading challenge with these 40 book prompts

“A book recommended by a librarian,” “an audiobook,” and “a book that’s been mentioned in another book” are included in the Reading…

Ebook geek problems No. 36 - Kindle syndrome: switching between a couple of books during one sitting.

Ebook geek problems #36

Kindle syndrome: switching between a couple of books during one sitting. Shared by Ola Kowalczyk