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Tried-and-true ways to get more reading in your life #infographic

6 tried-and-true ways to get more reading in your life (infographic)

So, you won’t be able to read a book today? Too much work? Too tired to be able to focus? The evening…

7 steps to become a perfect reader #infographic

7 steps to get the most out of your reading (infographic)

In times of information overload and web distractions of all kinds, we are fighting to find enough energy and determination to force…

Depulvera book cleaning machine video

This machine can remove dust from over 5,000 books per day (video)

How often do you remove dust from books at home? Once a year, during spring cleaning, more or less often? It’s not…

Famous songs as Stephen King books - Careless Whisper

Famous love songs reimagined as Stephen King books (pictures)

What if your favorite love songs were suspense novels written by Stephen King? Take a look at the book covers designed by Butcher Billy.

The speed of language #infographic

The speed of language (infographic)

Have you ever wondered why some languages sound faster than the others? The difference in the speed of the language can be…

10 most challenged books of 2016 #infographic

10 most challenged books of 2016 in the US (infographic)

Books by Mariko Tamaki, John Green, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bill Cosby are on a list of most challenged titles in the US in 2016.

Literary salons vs. book clubs #infographic

Book clubs vs. literary salons (infographic)

What type of community of book lovers suits you more? Do you prefer the feel of a literary salon, or maybe it’s…

Color wheel of old book odours

A detailed color wheel breaks down the old book smell

Where does the scent of old and new books come from? This color wheel developed by the researchers at Institute for Sustainable Heritage explains a lot.

Reading Quirks No. 19 - When you love the smell of a new book in the morning

Reading Quirks is an awesome webcomic about odd things book lovers do

Reading Quirks is a new, funny and insightful webcomic every book lover can relate to.

20 most inspiring quotes from young adult books #infographic

20 motivational quotes from YA books (infographic)

A new infographic from a YA book review blog Hooked to Books lists 20 motivational quotes from young adult novels – the…

Book quotes beautifully illustrated by Risa Rodil

12 book quotes beautifully illustrated by Risa Rodil (pictures)

The world’s favorite book quotes have now the look they deserve. Find here quotes by J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Frank Zappa, and Dr. Seuss.

Europe on a literary map of the world

One book represents one country in this stunning literary map of the world

We’ve seen many literary maps already, but the simplest ideas are usually hardest to catch. See also: And there it is! The…

Librarians' favorite books around the world interactive map

Interactive map shows librarians’ favorite books around the world

Every day we read about favorite books of top celebrities, cultural figures, or world leaders. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s on…

Living authors with the most movie adaptations #infographic

Which living authors have the most movie adaptations? (infographic)

Books are an endless inspiration for filmmakers. Have you ever wondered which living authors have had the most movies adapted from their…

The reader's guide to coffee #infographic

Book lover’s dream: coffee and books (infographic)

It’s a book lover’s guide to coffee. Or a coffee lover’s guide to books. No matter which way, this infographic is simply…

A history of the blockbuster book #infographic

Most popular books of all time (infographic)

Global English Editing, a company that offers professional editing and proofreading services, has released a new infographic that takes a closer look…

63 differences between American and British English #infographic

American vs British English – over 60 differences in one place (infographic)

Do you still have a moment of doubt when you want to call the…, well, a taxi or a cab? Which word…

Fascinating book paintings by Pierpaolo Rovero

Impressively detailed book paintings by Pierpaolo Rovero (pictures)

No view is more beautiful than the space full of books. Turin-based cartoonist and illustrator Pierpaolo Rovero will let you enjoy this…

Today salaries of famous fictional characters #infographic

Today salaries of characters from famous novels (infographic)

How much would characters from famous books get paid for their jobs if they were working today? A search engine for jobs…

Tips for improving reading fluency #infographic

Tips for improving reading fluency (infographic)

Fluent readers read with better accuracy, speed, and expression. Compared to nonfluent readers (who have skills in vocabulary or syntax), fluent readers…