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The future of the library is the library of things #infographic

The future of the library is the library of things (infographic)

We live in times of the internet of things. Things such as a fridge can connect to the web and send messages.…

Ebook geek problems No. 41 - I don't need an e-reader with a color screen. My mind will color the words beautifully.

Ebook geek problems #41

I don’t need an e-reader with a color screen. My mind will color the words beautifully.

The ultimate flowchart to find the best summer read #infographic

Find your next great read with this ultimate flowchart (infographic)

When planning summer holidays, many people want to carefully select the books they are going to take and read. One way to…

Reading and writing go hand in hand #infographic

Reading and writing go hand in hand (infographic)

Everyone knows that the best way to write better is to read more. Did you know it could also work the other…

Beautiful libraries in photographs by Thibaud Poirier

25 libraries, classic and modern, in awe-inspiring symmetrical photos

Stunning photos by Thibaud Poirier show the beauty of reading rooms and describe what libraries are about.

Story Pod is an exchange library designed by AKB studio

Story Pod is a compact exchange library which stands exactly where you need it

This compact, 8 by 8 feet, cubic is a great example of an urban design that brings the joy of reading to public spaces.

10 signs you are reading a gothic novel #infographic

10 signs you are reading a gothic novel (infographic)

It’s usually quite easy to spot a gothic novel. The action should take place in old days, the location should be a…

Classic novels - Puffin + Pantone edition

Classic Puffin novels get the perfect Pantone match

Puffin + Pantone is a redesigned series of classic tales, with minimalist covers resembling Pantone color spectrum. Now, classic novels such as…

How to build baby's brain with books #infographic

How to build baby’s brain with books (infographic)

Here is another concise infographic from Read Aloud 15 Minutes – a non-profit organization that works to make reading aloud every day…

Unique gifts ideas if your mom loves reading #infographic

9 great book-inspired gift ideas for Mother’s Day (infographic)

Take a look at what, besides books, you can buy your mom if she loves reading. Gifts not only for Mother’s Day, but also Christmas, birthday, or name day.

Stages of the reader - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Stages of the reader (cartoon)

Here’s a great new story from our favorite cartoonist Grant Snider. It’s included in his new book, The Shape of Ideas, which…

Inspirational quotes from your favorite comic books #infographic

Highly inspirational quotes from your favorite comic books (infographic)

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, the producer of affordable children’s playground systems, Playground Equipment, has released an infographic that collects quotes…

Custom-built home library in Arizona

An amazing home library made of 10,000 pieces of walnut (pictures)

This home library in Arizona was inspired by the 19th-century library at the Konopiště Castle, near Prague, Czech Republic.

Exceptional gifts for the book-loving mom

18 best gifts and accessories for the mom who loves books

Gifts your book-loving mother will be pleased to get: literary accessories, book-scented candles, bookish home decor, literature-themed jewelry and much more!

Tried-and-true ways to get more reading in your life #infographic

6 tried-and-true ways to get more reading in your life (infographic)

So, you won’t be able to read a book today? Too much work? Too tired to be able to focus? The evening…

7 steps to become a perfect reader #infographic

7 steps to get the most out of your reading (infographic)

In times of information overload and web distractions of all kinds, we are fighting to find enough energy and determination to force…

Depulvera book cleaning machine video

This machine can remove dust from over 5,000 books per day (video)

How often do you remove dust from books at home? Once a year, during spring cleaning, more or less often? It’s not…

Famous songs as Stephen King books - Careless Whisper

Famous love songs reimagined as Stephen King books (pictures)

What if your favorite love songs were suspense novels written by Stephen King? Take a look at the book covers designed by Butcher Billy.

The speed of language #infographic

The speed of language (infographic)

Have you ever wondered why some languages sound faster than the others? The difference in the speed of the language can be…

10 most challenged books of 2016 #infographic

10 most challenged books of 2016 in the US (infographic)

Books by Mariko Tamaki, John Green, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bill Cosby are on a list of most challenged titles in the US in 2016.