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10 books that predicted the future - video thumb

10 books that predicted the future (video)

A popular YouTube channel Alltime 10s features a list of books that predicted the future. Besides 1984, you’ll find here H.G Well’s…

Swing Time - Zadie Smith

Recommended ebook: Swing Time – Zadie Smith

Swing Time Zadie Smith An ambitious new novel moving from north-west London to West Africa, from the author of White Teeth and…

Interesting fact about languages #infographic

50 facts you probably didn’t know about languages (infographic)

A few years ago UIC Languages language school has prepared an awesome infographic that puts together some less known but highly interesting…

How to make a Kindle case from a notebook (video)

Charli Marie shares on YouTube a simple tutorial on how to make a Kindle or iPad case from a notebook. All you…

Ebook love #129

Ebook love #129 (picture)

Gostaria de saber a opinião de vocês, pessoal! Estava selecionando os livros mais legais de Junho para mostrar no Book Haul e…

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Recommended ebook: The Chemist – Stephenie Meyer

The Chemist Stephenie Meyer In the new gripping page-turner from Stephenie Meyer, an ex-agent must take one more case to clear her…

10 vehicles that were predicted by sci-fi literature #infographic

10 transport vehicles predicted by sci-fi books and movies (infographic)

Wouldn’t you like to seat behind the steering wheel of the lanspeeder? It turns out some of the most creative vehicles invented…

MoKo Slim Case Kindle Paperwhite 2016

MoKo Slim Case for Kindle Paperwhite

This slim and lightweight Kindle Paperwhite case is available in over 40 fashionable designs. Also versions for Kindle 8 and Voyage.

Average rating: 4.4/5

Amazon $17.99

The Whistler - John Grisham

Recommended ebook: The Whistler – John Grisham

The Whistler John Grisham From John Grisham comes the most electrifying novel of the year, a high-stakes thrill ride through the darkest…

Ebook love #128

Ebook love #128 (picture)

Niedziela, słońce, trawa, książka 🙌 #sundayfunday #bestoftheday #bestmoments #działking #loveit #weekend #kindle #kindlewhite #lovereading #details #aniakruk #danielwellington Shared by Magda on Instagram.

Winter crime novels #infographic

Winter crime novels (infographic)

Insta Scribe, the company that helps create beautiful ebooks, has released the new infographic just in time for the winter. Winter Crime…

The cannonn of literature - cartoon by Grant Snider

The cannon of literature (cartoon)

The new cartoon by Grant Snider, this time created for The Southampton Review. More to explore:

Cyber Monday 2016 bestselling Kindle books from $1.99

Black Friday Kindle deal – over 40 bestsellers from $1.99 each

For Black Friday 2016, Amazon prepared an attractive deal for anyone who is looking for bestsellers. Kindle Daily Deal lists 43 Kindle…

Small Great Things - Jodi Picoult

Recommended ebook: Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult

Small Great Things Jodi Picoult The new page-turner from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult is a thought-provoking examination of…

A Game of Thrones The Illustrated Edition - George R.R. Martin

Recommended ebook: A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition – George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition (Book #1) George R.R. Martin This lavishly illustrated special edition of A Game of Thrones…

Ebook love #127

Ebook love #127 (picture)

@gabinomphoto and my mother just treated me to an early bday present after a supremely rough week. Ending on a high note…

The Gypsy Madonna - Santa Montefiore

Recommended ebook: The Gypsy Madonna – Santa Montefiore

The Gypsy Madonna Santa Montefiore When Anouk, a dealer in American antiques, dies unexpectedly, she leaves the Metropolitan museum an uncataloged, multimillion-dollar…

Ebook love #126

Ebook love #126 (picture)

My Sunday afternoon #babysit #fatherhood #kindleoasis 👶🏻📔 Shared by Vincent on Instagram.

Save up to 80% on bestselling #Kindle memoirs and biographies

Save up to 80% on bestselling Kindle biographies and memoirs

Kindle Daily Deal for Sunday, October 23, 2016, is a chance to save a considerable amount of money on Kindle biographies and…

Woman of God - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Recommended ebook: Woman of God – James Patterson

Woman of God James Patterson, Maxine Paetro The world is watching as massive crowds gather in Rome, waiting for news of a…