In a biggest Audible deal in years, you can get $50 off the annual membership

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Save $50 on the annual Audible membership plan
A banner with the new limited-time deal has just appeared on a front page of Audible / Image: Audible

You can bring down the monthly cost of Audible to $8, if you buy the annual membership right now for $99 instead of $149.

Audible has released a new deal on their front page, and it is huge. As a part of Binge Listening Event celebrations, you can save $50 on the popular annual membership plan.

Instead of a regular price of $149.50, you can get the 12-month subscription for only $99.50, which means you save 33%.

If you, however, compare the cost of Audible subscription to a monthly fee, you will save much more than 33%.

Let’s see. The regular monthly fee is set at $14.95. If you go for an annual plan, you will pay upfront $149.50. It brings down the monthly cost of Audible to $12.5 just because of the fact that you have decided to select the annual plan.

The total annual savings on the Audible membership are almost 45%

And now, there is the new Audible deal to put into equation. If you will pay for 12 months of Audible subscription $99.50, it means the monthly cost is brought down to $8.33. Compare it to the regular monthly fee of $14.95. You see? You can keep as much as 45% in your pocket.

The current deal is the biggest in years. Usually, Audible was offering price cuts on shorter membership plans. The most common offer was $4.95 for three months. The total annual cost would be around $150 – a little over $12 per month.

What are other benefits of the current deal? Well, these are the benefits of Audible membership in general – which, when it comes to costs, is a much better option than buying audiobooks one by one.

Take a look at the shopping cart. You will get 12 credits right after you buy the subscription. You can exchange each credit for one audiobook.

Get annual Audible subscription for under $100 until April 5, 2019
In the Audible annual subscription, you can get for free 12 audiobooks upfront, no matter their price

It means that you can pick up your 12 favorite audiobooks, no matter whether they cost $20 or $40. And they will be yours forever, even after you cancel the subscription.

Becoming by Michelle Obama, the fastest-selling audiobook ever released by Penguin Random House, costs $30.99.

Here is one more calculation. If you pick up 12 audiobooks that cost $30 each, their total value is $360. And you can pay $99.50 for them right now.

The deal is valid through April 5, 2019. For the time being, it’s available on Audible, but it should appear on Amazon soon.

I would love to see similar deals on pre-paid Audible gift membership plans.

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