Save 40% on Anker Roav VIVA when you start an Audible trial

Save huge on Anker Roav VIVA when you start an Audible audiobook subscription

Hurry up if you want to get $20 off Roav VIVA – Alexa-enabled USB car charger for navigation, music playing, and hands-free calling.

Anker’s Roav VIVA seems to be a perfect gift for a father. It’s an advanced car accessory that combines a fast 2-port USB charger with a smart assistant powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice technology.

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If you make up your mind today, you can get the Road VIVA delivered before Father’s Day. It’s an interesting gift idea for geeks, especially now when you can save 40% on the accessory, if you start an Audible subscription.

Anker’s accessory costs typically $49.99 – and is rarely offered at reduced prices. Signing up for Audible will give you $20 towards the purchase of Anker Roav VIVA, cutting its price to $29.99. It means a 40% saving.

Audible audiobook membership enables users to get one credit per month for a free audiobook regardless of its price. Plus you can save up to 30% in exclusive member audiobook deals.

After 30 days of free Audible trial, you will pay $14.95 per month. The fee roughly equals half of the price of a bestselling audiobook. You can cancel the Audible membership any time. When you do it during the free trial, you won’t pay a penny for a subscription.

Why we love Anker Roav VIVA? It’s not just an ultra-fast USB car charger that lets you recharge two devices simultaneously at maximum speed. It’s much more than that.

Roav VIVA is powered by Amazon Alexa, enabling you to control the car with your voice. Just say the word to get directions, listen to Audible audiobooks, play music, make hands-free calls, and even shop online!

For more Father’s Day gift ideas, make sure to explore our list of current deals on Amazon devices, including Kindle e-readers (starting from $59.99), Fire tablets (from $39.99), and Alexa-powered devices (from $29.99).

The Anker-Audible deal is valid until Sunday, June 17, 2018.

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