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Anatomy of successful ebooks (infographic)

Anatomy of successful ebooks - infographicHave a look at this extremely helpful infographic about the DNA of successful ebooks, prepared by HipType, a company that gathers analytics data from e-readers.

The graphic should be analyzed first of all by book authors. Do you know that books with a female protagonist are 40% more likely to become a bestseller? Or that only 4% of sample chapters and bundled ebooks are completed? Or that 30% of readers will have stopped reading by page 50?

What is most interesting about this visualization, though, is that it’s based on data collected by HipType from the usage of e-readers. What you should remember is that if your device is connected to a virtual bookshelf (via your Kindle, or Nook, or Kobo account, for instance), every action you make leaves a trail – and can be collected and analyzed.

What are the genres you like to read most; what is the average time of a reading session; do your reading sessions last longer on weekends; how many of ebook samples you eventually buy; which passages of the text you highlight or share; which part of the book makes you stop reading it and putting back to the archived items.

The results presented in the infographic are interesting also because they reflect the natural reading behavior. They’re not based on what you answer in a survey or on focus groups. They’re based on what you actually do with your ebook.

The title from a Mashable article, where I found the infographic, is “The lure of a good book“, but I think we have to clearly state that it’s about successful ebooks – and ebooks only. The way one person read an ebook on an e-reader is different from the way the same person reads a print book.

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Click on the image to enlarge. Check more infographics about ebooks and digital publishing.

Anatomy of successful ebooks - infographic

Via Mashable.