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An amazing tour around Biblioteca José Vasconcelos (video)

José Vasconcelos Library (Biblioteca José Vasconcelos), located in Mexico City, is one of the most outstanding libraries in the world. Often called a “megalibrary”, it was built for $98 million, and opened in May 2006.

Claimed one of the most advanced constructions of the 21st century, it’s dedicated to José Vasconcelos, the former philosopher, presidential candidate and president of the National Library of Mexico.

We are featuring Biblioteca José Vasconcelos in our overview of the most futuristic libraries in the world.

The video above is a great way to further discover how magical this place is. Produced by Jose Álvarez, with a brilliant, intangible music by Marco Kalach, the video shows a boy who walks around the building and visits its most hidden places.

Make sure to watch the video in full screen and with an increased sound volume.

Via Biblioteca Vasconcelos on Vimeo.

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