Amazon started a new promotion: you may win $2,500 gift card!

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This is a really interesting promotional idea from Amazon – you may win $2,500 Gift Card when you add an item to your Amazon Wish List, watch it – from another website. What’s more – no purchase is necessary to take part!

The Wish & Win Weekly promotion runs for 10 weeks. One $2,500 card is given every week, so there are $25,000 in total prizes.

First week of promotion ends on October 16th, so you better hurry up to install a handy browser add-on which will make it easier to add items from different sites to your Amazon Wish List.

How to add items from other websites

1. When you go to the official page of the promotion, you’ll see at the bottom a big orange install button. If you use Firefox, it will say Install in Firefox, if you browse with Chrome – Install in Google Chrome. The add-on is also available for Safari. Additionally, you can install a bookmarklet on the iPad – here’s how to do it.

2. Click on the button and the add-on will be installed automatically. It’s free. After you restart the browser, you’ll find a Wish List button in a navigation bar (see picture below).

3. Next, find something you want – and look for it not on, but anywhere else on the web. It could be for example another online retailer.

4. At the page with the item you’re interested in, click the Wish List button and then Add to Wish List. Done!

Read the official rules here.