Three Kindle models are on sale – save $20 on each

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Amazon 3-day sale 2015

It’s just a teaser before the 2015 holiday shopping peak that’s coming in the next few weeks.

Amazon has just announced the 3-Day Sale on Kindle. Three models are included, each one costs $20 below its list price:

  • Kindle,
  • Kindle Paperwhite,
  • Kindle for Kids Bundle.

You’ll have to quickly decide whether to enter the deal or wait for the next one. The 3-Day Sale ends on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, on midnight, Eastern Daylight Time.

1. Kindle – $59.99

Kindle 7 sale - save $20

The basic Kindle bears the sale price of $59.99, instead of $79.99. $20 is one-fourth of its original price. However, the discounted Kindle is still $10 above the regular price of the cheapest Fire tablet – Fire 7, introduced a couple of weeks ago.

For the version without special offers, you’ll also pay $20 less than usual – $79.99 instead of $99.99.

With rumors that the budget Kindle will get a refreshment this autumn, it’s possible that the price of the 2014 version would be further decreased. The decision is yours.

2. Kindle Paperwhite – $99.99

Kindle Paperwhite sale - save $20

Kindle Paperwhite costs $99.99 ($119.99) after the cut. The version on sale is WiFi-only with ads. Currently, there is no other version offered via main channels on Amazon.

Although it’s not promoted by Amazon, the international version of Kindle Paperwhite costs now also $20 less. When you order it now, you’ll pay $119.99 ($139.99).

It’s not clear whether the lower price is a part of the 3-Day Sale or will stay longer. We will know it on Thursday morning.

3. Kindle for Kids Bundle – $79.99

Kindle for Kids Bundle sale - save $20

Kindle for Kids Bundle is $79.99. It’s $20 down from its recent price, $99.99, but we have to remember that the launch price was $139.99.

The bundle, specially designed for kids, includes:

  • basic Kindle with special ads,
  • 2-year accident protection provided by SquareTrade,
  • kid-friendly cover available in five colors (Black, Dark Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple).

For me, this is the least attractive deal, because it’s the least appealing product. If I were a kid, I’d have no doubt to choose a tablet over an e-reader. Especially now, when Fire Kids Edition costs under $100.

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