Here are Amazon’s Kindle and Fire deals for Mother’s Day 2017

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Mother's Day 2017 - deals on Amazon Fire and Kindle devices

Amazon offers deals for all Kindle models, including Oasis, and you can save up to $50.

It’s the last weekend when you can think about what to buy your beloved mom for Mother’s Day, and get it shipped without delay (obviously, we’re talking about users who live in the US).

A few weeks ago, Amazon opened a special directory with gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2017.

One of the first items you’ll see here is Kindle Oasis. It’s Amazon’s most advanced e-reader, featuring asymmetric design and a premium leather cover with a built-in battery.

Oasis was introduced in April 2016, and since that time not a single price cut was offered for this model, at least from what I know. Until now.

In the current deal, Kindle Oasis with WiFi and 3G costs $50 less. You will pay $309.99 instead of $359.99. The price for the version without 3G has not been reduced.

Below, you’ll find all Fire and Kindle deals offered for Mother’s Day this year.

One technical note. When you’ll add the device to cart, and want to send it as a gift, make sure to check the “this is a gift” box. It will be sent as an unregistered device, so your mom would sign up with her own Amazon credentials.

Were you thinking about trading up your old Kindle? Now it’s possible to get $35 off a new Kindle in a Kindle trade-in program.

All you have to do is select the Kindle you want to trade, and ship it to Amazon for free. In return, you’ll receive Amazon Gift Card with a bonus.

Mother’s Day 2017 – Kindle deals

Mother's Day 2017 deals on Kindle e-readers

Compared to previous Kindle deals, for instance, the ones offered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all Kindle models are featured, as well as all Kindle bundles. However, the price cuts are less attractive.

Deals on Kindle e-readers

  • save $20 on Kindle 8 – it’s the usual saving you can get on the entry-level Kindle (please keep in mind that it’s the model without the front-lighted screen). Before Mother’s Day, the price is set to $59.99, and you save one-fourth of the list price,
  • save $20 on Kindle Paperwhite – the most popular Kindle model can be grabbed in the coming days for $99.99, as its price is reduced by 17%, from $119.99,
  • save $20 on Kindle Voyage – it’s not the most attrative Kindle Voyage deal we’ve seen. The $20 price cut on the $200 device means you’ll pay$179.99, and save only 10% of the list price,
  • save $50 on Kindle Oasis – the price cut is offered on the version with WiFi and 3G, and the saving is 14%. You’ll pay $309.99 ($359.99).

Deals on Kindle bundles

Bundles are a great way to further reduce the price. The set of a few related items costs less than if they would be bought separately.

When you buy the Kindle, you most probably think about adding the protective case, or a warranty, or both. These elements are combined in ready-to-get bundles, and these bundles cost now even less.

  • save $20 on Kindle for Kids Bundle – the bundle includes the basic Kindle, a protective case in one of five colors, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. You can get it for $79.99 in the coming days,
  • save $35 on Kindle Essentials Bundle – you can save even more on the basic Kindle, if you bundle it with Amazon’s original case cover and power adapter. The bundle’s today price is $94.97, 27% down from $129.97,
  • save $40 on Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle – the more expensive the Kindle model, the more attractive the bundle. The one with the Paperwhite, includes also the lightweight case cover and power adapter. The price for Mother’s Day 2017 – $139.97 ($179.99),
  • save $45 on Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle – yes, there is a Kindle Voyage bundle, too. Two other items it includes are Amazon leather cover and power adapter. You can save 16% if you buy it now. The deal price is set to $234.97.

Mother’s Day 2017 – Amazon Fire deals

Save on Amazon Fire 7 for Mothers Day 2017

When it comes to Fire tablets, moms will be probably less delighted to receive them. It’s great for gaming and watching movies, and your mom loves reading books, right? Therefore, Amazon offers the price cut on two Fire models only.

You can save $10 when you buy 7-inch Amazon Fire. The deal is valid for the 16 GB version only, so you’ll pay $59.99 instead of $69.99. There are four body colors to choose from. Besides Black, you can pick up Blue, Magenta, or Tangerine.

The second deal is offered for the bigger, 8-inch models. You can get a $25 discount on Fire HD 8. The tablet has a high-definition 1280 × 800 px display and comes now with the cloud-based voice service Alexa. The price is $64.99, instead of the regular $89.99.

If any new deals will be offered for Kindle or Amazon Fire devices before Mother’s Day, we will add them to this post, so stay tuned.

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