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All USA Today weekly bestsellers from 2000-2011 put together into a fascinating visualization

This is hilarious. Every book from USA Today Top 10 weekly bestseller lists is being included in an awesome infographic that you can see at the end of this post. This single image shows more than 6,000 book covers, from 1,300 individual books.

This great visualization was prepared by James R A Davenport, astronomer and social data analyst, who runs a blog If We Assume. Each segment shows books from a single year – 2000 through 2011. Within the segment, each column represents one week of the year (starting on the left from a first week of January). There are 10 books in each column, in an order from a relevant weekly bestseller list.

James gathered all the book covers in a very smart way. Instead of doing it manually, he wrote a script that was grabbing the covers every week (to be precise: 4 weeks per month, 48 weeks a year). USA Today does a great job of aggregating book sales information from a variety of sources, and their Top 10 list is very easy to use and analyse.

In a detailed post, introducing the infographic, James also analyses the structure and trends within the visualization.

You can see the “decay time” of books as they drift off the bestseller list. Color choices seem to have become more saturated since 2000, and Twilight (big black band) is the undisputed champ.

USA Today weekly bestsellers 2000-2011 visualized
Via If We Assume.