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Access Kindle Store mobile sites in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain with these short links

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I’m a mobile freak, spending a lot of time on enhancing my daily life with the smartphone in every possible way.

I also share tips on how to better experience ebook-reading with mobile phones. Many users own smartphones, but they are not aware how good their devices are for reading-related tasks.

A phone is extremely well-suited to shop for ebooks on the go. You don’t need to have a tablet or ereader with 3G for that. Shopping in Kindle Store is very easy, as it is optimized for small screens.

It’s obvious that the major Kindle Store, the one which is a part of site, is mobile friendly. Question is: are other 5 stores localized in UKGermanyFranceItaly, and Spain, mobile friendly as well?

I’ve checked it – they are.

You can get access to them easily from a browser on your phone. To make it easier than ever, I’ve prepared short links to mobile landing pages of all Kindle Stores, just like I did for Kindle Store home pages. Type the link in a browser’s address bar, and go!

The frequently updated page with all short links is available here. Enjoy!

Kindle Store US »

Kindle Store UK »

Kindle Store Germany »

Kindle Store France »

Kindle Store Italy »

Kindle Store Spain »

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