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50th anniversary of ebooks – facts, benefits, timeline (infographic)

50 years of ebooks

Our latest infographic goes through the milestones in the history of ebooks, puts together essential benefits, and shows how attitudes towards ebooks evolve.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ebooks, we have prepared another piece of content – this time it’s visual.

The infographic is based on the list of 50 most interesting facts about ebooks and audiobooks. The timeline is obviously the most important part, as ebooks turn 50 at the beginning of July.

Yes, it’s been 50 years since Michael Stern Hart had typed the text of the US Declaration of Independence on a terribly expensive Xerox Sigma V mainframe and sent it to other users of the University of Illinois network.

The world’s first ebook is still available, and you can download it for free directly from the Project Gutenberg – the home of the world’s earliest ebooks, and a fantastic source of publications that have entered the public domain.

The infographic includes also a list of major benefits, lesser known facts, as well as a Google search instant suggestions that show how our attitudes towards ebooks evolved in the recent ten years.

Don’t hesitate to share the visual with your friends and followers and make sure to come back for more staff that celebrates the 50th anniversary of ebooks.

50 years of ebooks - full infographic

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