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5 most popular posts on Ebook Friendly in 2012

2012 was tremendously successful for our site. In December we enjoyed 500% increase in traffic compared to December 2011. With more than 100,000 monthly page views, we’re seeing an increasing number of people getting interested in ebooks. This list of 5 most popular posts from 2012 very well reflects the trend.

Our service constantly evolves in search for the most convincing formula to let book lovers try ebooks, and let ebook newbies enjoy the new way of reading to the fullest.

At the beginning of last year we started to put much more stress on images – while still offering clean, ad-free interface that lets focus on reading. We believe that when it comes to any topic related to books and reading, ads placed on a website are the biggest devil. Also, in general, writing a good quality content in order to make users click on Google AdSense or Amazon banners, is not a good direction.

As you’ll see below, all kinds of lists are most welcomed by our readers, and we will continue to write this kind of posts in the future. You can browse all lists published on Ebook Friendly here.

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5 most popular posts on Ebook Friendly in 2012

50+ stylish tablet covers, cases and sleeves

Case-Mate Kindle Fire Signature Leather CaseThis post showcases sleek, elegant covers, cases and sleeves for the most popular models of tablets. We update the list when new tablets enter the market, or when new, noteworthy covers are released.

The benefit of this list (and all other lists we’ve made on Ebook Friendly) is that we put together the accessories from different sources, not only from most popular online stores like Amazon. Big images, very often retouched, accompanied by short, one paragraph descriptions, will let you quickly scan through the best items available, and pick up the most suitable option to further explore.

10 sites where you can read books online

Sites where you can read books online - overview | Ebook FriendlyIt’s the post I wrote in November 2011, but it became increasingly popular throughout 2012.

This list of most popular web destinations that allow to read books in a browser is a proof that many people turn to digital reading in the right order. They don’t start from buying a dedicated e-reading device. Instead, they are trying to use the devices they already have to research how many titles are available in electronic format and what are the benefits of digital reading.

Two months ago I updated the post with two new sites, much more detailed descriptions, and screenshots of reading interfaces.

Here are leaked images of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Verge - Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Image 7Kindle Paperwhite was one of the most covered ebook topics last year. There were rumors about front-lighted Kindle several months back, especially after Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight was announced in May. The tension was incredible and there was no surprise that when Chris Ziegler shared a couple of leaked images of the new Kindle, people were extremely curious to see them.

A couple of our posts landed high on Reddit, but thanks to the extreme popularity of the topic, this single post is the one to enjoy most traffic from Reddit.

12 beautiful iPad wallpapers for a book lover

When iPad Mini was announced we published a post with a selection of most wonderful bookish images that can be used as Apple tablet wallpapers. It was a hit.

iPad Mini, due to it’s smaller size, it not the best option if you want to watch videos or surf the Internet, but it’s a very useful multi-purpose device for a book lover.

We’re going to share wallpapers for other devices, too, so stay tuned.

Book iPad wallpaper - Tree of Books

Tree of Books – a wallpaper by Vlad Gerasimov / Vladstudio

Fifty shades of grey? [cartoon]

In free time I’m drawing ebook cartoons on my iPad. It gives me a lot of pleasure, and hopefully adds a new dimension to how we perceive ebooks. My cartoons are not here to prove how brilliant ebooks are. They are rather to spot all circumstances that go with our switch to digital reading. It’s ironic for dedicated ebook geek, but I like it this way.

This cartoon relates to the most popular book of 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey. I think those who turn to e-reading still focus too much on devices (Kindle’s display shows 16 levels of gray), rather than books – and this is the idea behind the cartoon. Check all Ebook Friendly cartoons and tell me what you think! Happy New Year!

Fifty shades of grey [cartoon] | Ebook Friendly

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