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3 ways to add books to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

There is a growing number of e-reading applications available for iPadiPhone or iPod Touch, to which you can add books from external sources.

There are 3 ways to add books to ereading applications. If you use Stanza, iBooks, Kobo or Bluefire Reader apps, you can add epub and pdf files. You can add mobi files to Kindle for iOS.

For the demonstration I’m showing how to add Sh*t My Dad Says book (bought at Kobo) to Bluefire Reader application.

1. Via iTunes

It’s the primary, yet the least convenient way as you have to connect your device to a computer.

In iTunes, go to Apps tab, scroll down, and you’ll see a list of all applications to which you can add files (see picture 1). Choose the one you want, press Add button, find book files on a computer disc and add as many as you want.

This method works fine, if you want to add lots of books at once.

Picture 1

2. Via e-mail

If you don’t want to bother with cables and you want to add one or few books, send an e-mail to yourself with those books attached and open it in a native email application on your device. Tap and hold a file image to show a list of applications, which are able to open it (picture 2).

Picture 2

3. Via Dropbox

If you regularly use Dropbox to exchange files between your devices, you can also send your books this way. On a computer move book files to your Dropbox folder. Then open a Dropbox application on your device and locate a file. Use a top right button to choose an app you want to open a file (picture 3).

Dropbox is a good tool to store books in the cloud, so that you can reach them from any device.