20 books featured at Kindle Daily Deal in October made it to Top 100!

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I’m preparing a next monthly report on top self-published books in Kindle Store. When collecting data from October Top 100 bestseller list, I was stunned with how many KDD books were listed. As much as 20 of them (2/3 of books featured in October) are included in Top 100.

So here is a special post covering that topic. You can treat is as a follow up of a report on prices, discounts and international availability of Kindle Daily Deal books.

Except for Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants which is in Top 100 for several months (and KDD was not a big deal here), the rest of books were featured in October and clearly thanks to this one-day discount they were able to climb up the charts.

Current charts are one part of the story (Amazon’s lists are refreshed every hour – you can subscribe to them here). It was obvious that KDD titles would be entering Top 100. It was not obvious that they would stay in monthly charts.

Yes, they are hugely discounted, but on the other side – it’s just this one day, which generated sales. How big the number of sold books has to be to beat titles which sell at a stable level for several days?

Already now it’s pretty clear that KDD will have a big influence on the structure of Top 100. Interestingly, the one-day deals haven’t affected self-published books (more in a report coming in a couple of days).

Having in mind that KDD books were selling with a price lower than $3 and combining it with self-published books (most of them for $0.99) we can say that close to 50% of books from Top 100 were sold for $3 or less.

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Kindle Daily Deal books in Top 100 – October 2011

Data collected on November 5th, 2011, from Kindle Store’s October Bestsellers Archive.
# – position in Top 100.
Title and Author
# Current $ KDD date
The Hangman’s Daughter – Oliver Pötzsch
7 $7.99 02.10.11
Eyewall – H.W. “Buzz” Bernard
 25 $8.99 11.10.11
Mercury Falls – Robert Kroese
33 $7.99  01.10.11
BoneMan’s Daughters – Ted Dekker
39 $7.99 24.10.11
Slim to None – Jenny Gardiner
43 $4.61  10.10.11
Brown’s Requiem – James Ellroy
49 $8.99 09.10.11
Carry Yourself Back to Me – Deborah Reed
 50 $7.95 25.10.11
Crossing Oceans – Gina Holmes
51  $7.99  26.10.11
52 $9.61  07.10.11
 54  $8.77 18.10.11
Kitchen Confidential – Anthony Bourdain
60 $6.63  12.10.11
 63 $8.99  22.10.11
64 $8.58  16.10.11
66 $8.99  23.10.11
eye of the god – Ariel Allison
70 $9.99  08.10.11
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
75 $6.99 25.08.11
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel – James Patterson
81 $7.99  17.10.11
The Vampire Shrink – Lynda Hilburn
83 $7.99  30.10.11
Winter Sea – Susanna Kearsley
84 $7.39  04.10.11
 90 $7.37  21.10.11
 99 $9.99  13.10.11

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