18 business books you can finish on your lunch break (infographic)

Great books you can finish during lunch break: The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

There is no way to achieve success without reading books. How and what to read, if you don’t have enough time?

Many successful people are known for being avid readers. They don’t need to be persuaded that reading can make them even richer and more successful than they are now.

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Bill Gates reads around 50 books a year. When Warren Buffett started his investing career, he would read even 1,000 pages per day. Now, it is “only” about 500 pages.

88% of wealthy people read at least half an hour a day. It can be a time well-spent, if you pick up the right book and manage your time more efficiently.

The new infographic from Fundera, an online marketplace for small business financial solutions, lists 18 best business books that are short enough to finish them in a couple of lunch breaks.

Lunch? It sounds like a perfect time to relax. Reading is known for reducing stress by almost 70% – and you only need 6 minutes to achieve it.

From The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry, to Bo Burlingham’s Small Giants, to The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker, this handy list will help you quickly pick up the most interesting and helpful book. Make sure to download the ebook to your tablet, and start your new daily routine right during the next lunch break.

Click or type the infographic to see it enlarged.

18 best business books that you can finish during lunch break #infographic

Via Fundera Blog.

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