15 most unbelievable words in English (infographic)

Some time ago Grammar made a funny infographic, presenting the strangest, and very rarely used, English words. Which ones are you already familiar with?

Our favorites are:

inadvertist (n.) One who persistently fails to take notice of things
I am an inadvertist when it comes to driving. I run over about 3 things a month.

obmutescence (n.) The state or condition of obstinately or willfully refusing to speak
The sullen boy glared at his mother in obmutescence.

plinyism (n.) A statement or account of dubious correctness or accuracy, such as some found in the Naturalis Historia of Pliny the Elder
Saying that the moon is made of cheese is pure plinyism.

Check the original post on Grammar for definitions of all the words. You’ll also find an html code, if you want to embed the infographic on your blog.

Via Grammar.