Who reads ebooks? (infographic)

While ebook infographics use the Pew Research study over and over again, this chart developed by Random House research team gives a lot more useful facts on who reads ebooks compared to readers of print.

The infographic puts together the data that Random House gets from regular surveys of book consumers in the United States. The data can be afterwards filtered to ebook consumers.

This has enabled us to get a good picture of who they are and their attitudes toward books and reading. What emerges is a portrait of the highly engaged reader: avid readers across digital and print formats, and technology “fast-forwards” who are more accessible than ever via both online and offline touch points.

In many areas the difference between ebook and print readers is rather insignificant. However, when it comes to bargain hunting, you’ll see a shocking disproportion. As much as 38% of ebook readers spent less than $5 on their last title. That’s twice as much as for print books (18%).

Who reads ebooks infographic by Random House

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Via Random House Blog.

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