What kids think of books, reading and technology (infographic)

The team from TeachHUB.com, the site devoted to gather and deliver quality resources for K-12 educators, together with Clever Girls Collective, prepared a fantastic infographic shown below.

The infographic is based on a survey among 1,000 kids about school, and the role of books and technology in their education. Prepared for the National Library Week it is the first ever infographic made by kids.

We love to share everything kids say about books and reading, and this infographic is a valuable source of information. It’s especially interesting how kids use technology in education. More than a half of K-5th graders prefer to read on a tablet or a computer. Taking a tablet only, it’s 37% – compared to 35% of kids who prefer to read a paper book.

Kids about books, reading and technology

Via Tween Us.

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