How to save Valentine’s Day by good grammar (infographic)

Bad grammar can ruin your relationship with the beloved person.

Grammarly, world’s leading spell-check platform, analyzed 10,000 eHarmony profiles for grammar and punctuation errors.

Michael Mager, Marketing Analyst at Grammarly, said:

We found it interesting that just two spelling errors in a man’s profile hurt his chances of finding a date by 14%. That certainly demonstrates how important clear communication is, and what a big impact written language has.

The infographic leads to a conclusion that both women and men rank grammar as more important than confidence in a potential relationship. “Be sure to proofread, and don’t let a typo stop you from finding true love!”

Click or tap on the infographic below to see it enlarged.

Save Valentine's Day by good grammar #infographic

Via AskMen.

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