Etgar Keret in the thinnest house in the world [pictures+video]

Etgar Keret in his house - first morning

The thinnest house in the world, named after its first tenant, a famous Israeli writer Etgar Keret, opened in Warsaw on October 20, 2012.

Founded by Jakub Szczęsny, with the help of the Foundation of Polish Modern Art, the installation is designed to be the work of art. At the Grand Opening the residential program was announced, which is an inherent part of the project. A special commission headed by Etgar Keret will invite artists from around the world to visit Poland. Under the international residence program many artists’ lectures and conferences will take place. Keret said he only visits Warsaw twice a year, so other tenants will be able to try out the tight quarters of this art installation, too.

The Keret house is located in a plot between two buildings (Chłodna 22 and Żelazna 74), representing different historical periods in Warsaw’s history. The house is measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point ­and 152 centimeters in its ­widest point. The triangular construction is 10 meters deep and 9 meters high. Metal pipes keep the building almost 3 meters above the ground level, and visitors will have to climb a metal staircase and squeeze through a hole to enter it.

Keret in an interview for said (video below):

I think there is something specific about this project. It’s kind of proving that the impossible can be made – and this is something that is very inspiring for every artist.

All photos: Keret House Facebook Page and Dom Kereta (Bartek Warzecha, ©Fundacja Polskiej Sztuki Nowoczesnej).

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