iPhone 5 cases fit the new iPhone 5S – with some exceptions

Snugg cover for iPhone 5S
Snugg iPhone 5 Bamboo Case is ready for iPhone 5S

With the announcement of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C some people, including me, seriously consider replacing the current model with the new one.

It doesn’t mean you’ll have to change the cover. Most covers that fit iPhone 5 will also work well with iPhone 5S. Dimensions of both models are exactly the same, positions of buttons and speakers as well.

There is, however, one factor that may make the new iPhone difficult or even impossible to use in the old cover – fingerprint sensor. The sensor, called Touch ID, is a new security feature that scans the owner’s fingerprints to unlock the iPhone.

Josh Smith from GottaBeMobile points out that some heavy-duty rugged cases completely cover the home button (usually to give better protection). Using a fingerprint sensor in such cases is impossible.

Some case producers (Otterbox among them) already responded with the new design, where the home button is not being covered with the rubber.

Even now you have to be careful when choosing a rubber cover. Touch ID relies on a metal ring around the home button. If the rubber from a bottom edge of the cover is too thick, it may be difficult to place the finger properly on the button.

Many accessory producers almost immediately after the Apple event started to claim their covers fit the new iPhone 5S, but make sure you’ll have a chance to unlock your iPhone 5S.

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