iPad and reading ebooks: 12 useful articles

For many people iPad 2 is a first tablet and they would like to check how does it handle ebook reading.

Those who already owned 1st generation iPad, and decided to replace it with the new model, may also be interested in discovering ereading possibilities they didn’t know about.

Apple iPad Showdown: Battle of the eReader Apps

Originally published in June 2010 and recently updated, this comprehensive ZDNet article by Jason Perlow describes 9 most important e-reading apps for iPad, including Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Bluefire Reader, Stanza and Kobo.

iPad 2 as E-reader: Glare Still an Issue

David Carnoy from CNET reviews the new iPad and checks whether Apple had done anything to the screen to make the reading experience better.

6 Tips and Tricks to Use Kindle for iPad

Using Kindle on the iPad or iPhone is not only about using the Kindle application. You can browse Kindle Store from Safari or you can discover and buy Kindle ebooks on Twitter. This article lists unique tips, which can help you make the most of Kindle on your iOS device.

Finding the Best Way to Read Books on an iPad

In this great article by Walt Mossberg you have all major applications described and reviewed: Kindle, Nook and iBooks. You can also watch his video review below:

How to Read Adobe DRM-ed Books on Your iPad

Many e-bookstores like Barnes&Noble or Kobo or Sony use Adobe DRM. If you have such files on your computer, you can read them on the iPad – the only thing to do is to download Bluefire Reader app and authorize it with Adobe.

iPad eBook App Review

A detailed, very helpful review of four e-reading apps for iPad: Kindle, iBooks, Goodreader and Readme. Pros and cons of every app are listed.

What Are Enhanced Ebooks And How to Find Them?

iPad is great for reading e-books enhanced with video and audio. You can find such books in the AppStore, but they are also available in Kindle Store and iBooks Store.

5 Amazing iPad E-books for Kids

CNET’s Rick Broida lists 5 best enhanced applications your kids will love to read, watch and play with.

iBooks: How to Add Books Without Connecting to iTunes

If you are wondering what to do to avoid connecting your iPad to a computer every time you want to add a new book to iBooks, here are some useful tips. Tips apply not only to iBooks, but to any e-reading application.

Instapaper – Easy Way to Create a Book With a Collection of Your Favourite Online Reading

Do you know that you can make an ePub or mobi file from your articles stored at Instapaper? If you save for later for example stories from Fictionaut, you can read them in your favourite e-reading app.

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