Here’s how you can check how Harry Potter books are doing in the Kindle Store

Harry Potter is now available in ebook format. Major ebookstores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble are making this loud, although you can’t buy the books directly at their sites. You will be redirected to Pottermore website, will have to register an account and buy the book there to have it back on your Nook or Kindle.

This kind of business relationship is rather new. The biggest ebookstores in the world are in fact Pottermore’s affiliates. I doubt Amazon will ever include Potter books in their Kindle Store bestseller rankings, as it doesn’t have access to sales figures.

But there is one thing Amazon missed to fix before the Potterlaunch. And it can give a clue of how popular Harry Potter books are in the Kindle Store.

Amazon affiliates have the ability to create simple storefronts, called aStores. If you don’t pick up items manually, the most popular ones in selected categories will be displayed on a home page.

We have such a storefront at Ebook Friendly, you can reach it under Store tab on the left. A screenshot below displays currently most popular items in the Kindle Store.

Kindle Storefront

There are three Harry Potter books in Top 10. Yesterday evening, when I discovered it, there were five of them on a first page.

I guess I know what happened. Amazon hasn’t removed Harry Potter books from the script which automatically lists items for affiliate stores. The script most probably counts clicks on the Buy button.

When you buy the item in the Kindle Store using Buy with 1-click, the probability that you buy it is close to 1. This is enough to be correct in counting the sales. Apparently Buy at Pottermore button is defined similarly to 1-click, although the probability of purchase is somewhere between 0 and 1.

There is another interesting thing, and it looks like another issue Amazon forgot to fix. The versions of the books displayed on affiliate storefronts link to mirror Kindle editions of the print books. There are different ASIN numbers applied than those from Pottermore. Those versions are not available. You have to click on Kindle Edition on a list of available formats to get to the official Pottermore version of the book.

Based on how much Amazon earns on every single Harry Potter ebook sold it’s Potterless. But when you see the popularity, it looks like it’s not that bad.

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