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If you’d like to find out which books are available for Prime members in Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, here are three ways to do it. Choose the one which suits your preferences.

1. Go to a landing page at Amazon

This tip was shared at PC World yesterday. You can go to a special Amazon page listing all Prime eligible Kindle ebooks. Sort them by price, popularity, average customer review and publication date.

2. Check eligibility on a book’s page

If a book is included in Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, you should see two signs of it on this book’s page. First one is the price, displayed as $0.00 and followed by Prime logo. Second is a special information box about Prime membership. More detailed post is here.

If you’re looking for specific titles or authors you can use search in Amazon and check found book pages for Prime eligibility.

3. Use Google search

I haven’t worked out any good way to search on Amazon only Prime eligible Kindle ebooks. But Google is always a nice alternative.

In a Google web search paste the phrase below and you’ll see a list of titles added to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (click on a phrase to go to Google):

site:amazon.com "for kindle device owners"

If you want to find books from particular author, just add your keywords to a search phrase. For example:

site:amazon.com "for kindle device owners" "Sara Gruen"

Google web search is not yet showing all books included in a catalog. It should happen as soon as Amazon will add information to book pages and Google will index them.

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