How to fall in love by reading a book (infographic)

Fall in love by reading a book

Reading a book can simulate the real pleasure of falling in love. The new infographic explores this topic in detail.

An article in Psychology Today takes a look at how reading a book, especially a romance novel, can make a reader fall in love for real.

The topic is further explored in the interesting infographic designed by a paranormal romance author Avery Burch.

The magic of reading is that it puts you, the reader, into the shoes of the hero or heroine of the book. You do what the character on page does, you see what she sees, you hear what she hears, and most importantly of all, you feel what she feels.

Find more info in the original post on Avery Burch blog. Click or tap on the image below to enlarge it.

How to fall in love by reading a book - infographic

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