Good deal on the 2016 Kindle: buy two, save $40

A deal for Kindle 8 (2016): buy two save $40

We’ve just spotted a new deal for the new basic Kindle 8 e-reader, released in July this year.

Amazon hasn’t announced the deal yet, but on Kindle 8 (2016) product page, you can see that there is a promo stripe saying: Limited-time offer: Buy 2, save $40. Use “TWOPACK40” at checkout.

A deal for Kindle 8 (2016): buy two devices and save $40

If you decide to buy two Kindles instead of one (for instance to have both the white and black version in your family), you will get a $40 discount when you type the promo code TWOPACK40 at checkout. In other words, you’ll save $20 on each Kindle.

If you pick up the version with special offers, the regular price is &159.98. But when you take advantage of the deal, you’ll pay only $119.98.

This offer is limited-time and may end quite soon.

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