Nook GlowLight covers and sleeves – picks and tips

Dinosaurs Studio Nook Sleeve

This sleeve from Dinosaurs Studio can be custom-made to Nook

Don’t expect to find tons of original, sleek Nook GlowLight case covers on Barnes & Noble. So far there is only one, in three color versions.

It’s pretty strange, because Barnes & Noble is famous for great-looking accessories for their Nook devices.

If not shopping for Nook GlowLight case covers at B&N then where? You’ll find examples, but most of all, buying tips, below.

Besides US, Nook GlowLight is now also available in the United Kingdom. It has the same height and width as its predecessors: Nook Simple Touch, and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

The only difference is the depth. It’s by 0.05″ (1.2 mm) thinner than Simple Touch e-readers.

Nook dimensions ( height / width / depth )

Model Inches Millimeters
Nook Simple Touch  6.5 / 5.0 / 0.47  165 / 127 / 11.9
Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight  6.5 / 5.0 / 0.47  165 / 127 / 11.9
Nook GlowLight (2013)  6.5 / 5.0 / 0.42  165 / 127 / 10.7

Similar dimensions usually mean that covers will fit either device. This is, unfortunately, not applying to Nook GlowLight.

Will Nook Simple Touch case covers fit Nook GlowLight?

Most of them will not. There are a couple of reasons:

1. Nook GlowLight doesn’t support holding clips

Nook Simple Touch cases had special clips to hold the device in place. To match these clips, both Simple Touch e-readers have four cuts, two at the bottom and two at the top edge (see screenshot below).

Nook Simple Touch clip to hold a device in place

The new Nook GlowLight doesn’t have the cuts, so the clips can’t be used. It’s thinner than Simple Touch devices, so the old clip system would not fit, anyway.

It’s a pity, Barnes & Noble hasn’t adjusted its own covers to the new e-reader, yet. It might not be as easy as it looks like. Replacing clips with something else can be a real challenge – see No. 3 “Rounded corners”.

At the time of writing this post no cover designed for Simple Touch was available for the new GlowLight. As soon as it happens, we’ll update the post with a relevant info, and add best Nook GlowLight covers to the list.

2. Position of the power button

Nook Simple Touch models have a large power button on the back, in the top center position. This pushed case producers to make a special cut-out in the back side of the covers to allow access to the button.

The power button in the Nook GlowLight was moved from the back to the edge, in the upper left side. The cut-outs in covers designed for Simple Touch are no longer needed.

3. Rounded corners

Opposite to other e-readers, Nook has extremely rounded corners, what with specific proportions (wider than other e-readers) makes it a very classy gadget.

Rounded corners are, on the other side, a source of trouble. Simple, flexible, corner straps are not enough to hold the device in place. As a result, there are only a few covers for Nook that use thin corner straps. Instead, most case producers are using specially cut and profiled leather corner holders.

General advice

Position of the power button (on the edge, in the top left side) in the Nook GlowLight, makes it difficult to re-use covers with corner straps (see screenshot below).

Nook Glowlight power button

The power button in the new Nook GlowLight might be covered with a corner strap

It still might not be a problem if only the straps are thin and flexible enough. Covers with such straps are listed below.

It looks like Barnes & Noble wants to solely earn money from selling Nook GlowLight covers. I don’t understand why it was so difficult to place the power button on the edge in the top center. Most of third-party Simple Touch covers would still be in use.

The official Nook GlowLight covers are three color variations of, in fact, one design. They look a lot like Apple’s Smart Cover. Very sleek and modern. Some people will like it, some people won’t.

For now on, the best option for those who want to have a more personalized Nook GlowLight accessory is to buy a sleeve.

Etsy logoThe best place to buy wonderful hand-made sleeves is Etsy.

Not all designs on Etsy are designed specifically for the Nook, but the beauty of this place is that items are made to order, so the seller should be able to adjust the cover to the dimensions of the Nook GlowLight.

The only thing to remember is to specify in a message to seller, that you want a sleeve for Nook GlowLight, and give its dimensions in both inches and millimetres.

In fact on Etsy you can look for any sleeve, no matter whether for Kindle, Nook, or iPad, and then tell the seller you want it for Nook GlowLight.

12 selected Nook GlowLight case covers and sleeves


New Nook GlowLight Flip Cover

New Nook GlowLight Flip Cover. This lightweight cover has been designed specifically for the new Nook GlowLight – and so far is the only cover that does that. The sturdy molded clip slides neatly onto the edge of the device, and the cover extends over the entire front side, giving complete protection against scratches.

Available in three colors: Red, Grey, and Lilac. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $21.95.


Willowand Company Felt Cover

Willow & Company Felt Cover. Made to order from hand-cut genuine leather and German Merino wool felt. The chrome snaps are attached to a small accessory pocket large enough to double as a wallet. Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is on a list of supported devices.

This sleeve is available in three felt colors: Graphite Black, Light Grey, and Steel Blue. ⇢ Etsy – $45.


JAVOedge Austin Flex Sleeve

JAVOedge Austin Flex Sleeve for Nook Simple Touch. It’ll also easily accommodate Nook GlowLight. What’s very special about this sleeve is that it folds into a secure viewing stand. It’s done thanks to magnets sewed in strategic places. There is also a magnetic flap that allows to easily slip the Nook in and out. ⇢ Amazon – $9.95.


Dinosaurs Studio Nook Sleeve

Dinosaurs Studio Nook Sleeve. The sleeve is made from high quality linen pattern in hot pink, grey, and black. It’s padded with high quality interfacing in red and white polka dot, 100% cotton fabric.

Dinosaurs Studio has several great-looking sleeves in different colors and patterns. ⇢ Etsy – $19.90.


Tuff-Luv Slim Fabric Case Cover for Nook

Tuff-Luv Slim Fabric Case Cover for Nook. Designed for Simple Touch it has the corner straps that are thin enough to let relatively easily press the power button in the top left edge. It’s made from oil cloth – it means you can wipe off any marks or spills from the surface. On the inside there is a discreet document wallet for keeping all the essentials. ⇢ Tuff-Luv – $32.


Life Covers Harris Tweed Sleeve

Life Covers Harris Tweed Sleeve. Made in Scotland, from tweed, cotton, thread, and padding. The one pictured above is made in sunny yellow traditional Harris Tweed, and is lined in a soft contrasting cotton.

Life Covers shop offers a lot of other designs. They were making the covers specifically for Nook Simple Touch, so there shouldn’t be any problem with ordering one for Nook GlowLight. ⇢ Etsy – $35.


CE Compass Leather Stand Nook Simple Touch Case Stand

CE Compass Nook Simple Touch Case Stand. The case is designed for Simple Touch, but the holding system is different than in other covers. The corners are not covered with a frame, so the power button should be easily accessible.

The case transforms into a viewing stand, with three positions to choose from. It’s made from synthetic PU leather. Only available in red. ⇢ eBay – $5.95.


Sew Wonder Parisian Sleeve Cover

Sew Wonder Parisian Sleeve Cover. This beautiful sleeve with a vintage Parisian print hemp can be custom-made to fit Nook GlowLight. Sew Wonder shop offers tons of other patterns and materials to choose from. ⇢ Etsy – $21.25.


Sakizome Padded Sleeve with Button

Sakizome Padded Sleeve with Button. This quilted case is handmade in Singapore and ships worldwide. The sleeve features adorable hedgehogs on a beautiful Chartreuse background. There is a Japanese brown button tab on top to keep the device in place.

Available also with a velcro flap or zipper closure. ⇢ Etsy – $21.


eBigValue Blue Mighty Nylon Jacket Bag for Nook Simple Touch

eBigValue Nylon Jacket Bag for Nook Simple Touch. This protective sleeve bag is made of durable nylon with extra-padded compartments. It features hi-quality zippers on all compartments, and a walking hand strap.

This package includes also 4-inch hand strap, anti-glare screen protector, and a retractable car charger. Available in three colors: Blue, Grey, and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $24.95.


eBigValue Nubuck Nook Simple Touch Sleeve

eBigValue Nubuck Nook Simple Touch Sleeve. This slim sleeve can be easily transformed into a viewing stand. Its interior is padded with soft suede material for maximum protection.

This package from eBigValue besides the sleeve includes 4-inch hand strap, anti-glare screen protector, and a retractable car charger. ⇢ Amazon – $25.


Mari Forssell Herringbone Tweed Nook Sleeve

Moose + Pine Herringbone Tweed Nook Sleeve. This is one of the most stylish e-reader sleeves on Etsy – and is sized first of all to fit Nook Simple Touch. It’s made with black and brown herringbone tweed wool fabric, and comes with a rivet-reinforced leather strap with a snap closure.

There are over 250 other items on Moose + Pine Etsy shop, some of them can also fit Nook… and your personal taste. ⇢ Etsy – $49.

• • •

If you know of any covers that could fit the new Nook GlowLight, please share them in the comments. Any usage tips are also welcomed.

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Nook GlowLightNook GlowLight (model 2013)

WiFi / 4GB

Our best reading experience yet
Enjoy crisper text with 60% more pixels on our most advanced eReader. With a no-glare screen and higher resolution, reading indoors and out is easier than ever.

All-new GlowLight
Nook’s latest GlowLight is easy to adjust and provides a more evenly dispersed light for a perfect reading experience in dim light or total darkness.

Our lightest, most comfortable e-reader
Nook GlowLight is ultra-slim and 18% lighter than Nook Simple Touch. Featuring a soft-touch trim and rounded corners, it fits easily into the natural curve of your hand.

New display – now more durable
With a new top layer material and lamination process, Nook GlowLight’s display stands up to keys, pens, and anything else you might carry with you.

Amazingly long battery life
You can read for up to 8 weeks on a single charge¹, making it easy to take your Nook everywhere. It’s perfect for travelling – and you don’t even have to pack your charger.

⇢ Nook Store $119

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