5 best ebook infographics of 2012

Infographics are not only a great way to share the knowledge about current trends. They are also a fantastic source of information that we can use in a bigger time perspective.

2012 was a great year for ebooks. It was a time of the continuous rise of digital publishing. In US, ebooks made it into the mainstream and became a part of the book landscape. This trend can be observed in to other countries now and will continue in the years to come.

I’m sure that in the future, there will be a need to explore the roots of the ebook revolution. Infographics are an incredibly useful (and easy to analyze) source of information. They can help catch the essence of every topic much quicker than reports they are based on.

It would be great if certain infographics were repeated year after year. It could give more information on how the ebook market is evolving over time.

Check all infographics about ebooks, digital publishing, and reading, collected on Ebook Friendly.

5 best ebook infographics of 2012

Digital textbooks in the classroom

Ebook infographics - the digital classroomThis infographic made by Online Universities takes a look at the increasing role of digital textbooks in education.

Key word to success is affordability of digital textbooks rather than their up-to-date content. The cost of the digital textbook is not only the price of the book, but also the price of the device.

This infographic raises an important topic. Is using digital textbooks justified at the moment? Devices to handle textbooks can be used longer than one year, but on the other hand the life cycle of a tablet is not 10 years, but 2-3 years.

Having in mind, that a multimedia textbook created with the iBooks Author application can take as much as 1 GB of disk space, a question to be asked is how many physical textbooks can be actually replaced by one tablet with their digital versions.

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Anatomy of successful ebooks

Anatomy of successful ebooks - infographicThis extremely helpful infographic was prepared by HipType, a company that gathers analytics data from e-readers. The chart is entitled “The DNA of a successful book”, but as the data is collected from the e-reading devices, first of all it applies to electronic books.

Do you know that books with a female protagonist are 40% more likely to become a bestseller? Or that only 4% of sample chapters and bundled ebooks are completed? Or that 30% of readers will have stopped reading by page 50?

HipType collects data from the usage of e-readers. What every reader should remember is that if your device is connected to a virtual bookshelf (via your Kindle, or Nook, or Kobo account, for instance), every action you make leaves a trail – and can be collected and analyzed.

The results presented in the infographic are interesting also because they reflect the natural reading behavior. They’re not based on what you answer in a survey or on focus groups. They’re based on what you actually do with your ebook.

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Ebooks inspire us to read again

Internet is moving people away from reading. We are attacked by thousands of small bits of information every hour. It gets harder and harder to calm down and reach for a book after a long day full of distractions digital life brings. But there is a rescue: ebooks.

With electronic books young people don’t have to drastically change their natural habitat. They are still dealing with the digital content they can get in no time, easily work with, and share instantly to social networks.

This fantastic infographic from Online Teaching Degree shows how effective digital books can be in bringing the habit of reading back.

Typical non-ebook reader reads 15 book per year. Typical ebook reader reads 9 books more. 28% of Americans already own an e-reader or tablet. With prices of devices constantly going down, this number will quickly go up.

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5 years of the Kindle

5 years of the Kindle - ebook infographicTo celebrate 5th anniversary of the Kindle, Most Wanted created the infographic, which takes a look at the short but very dynamic history of the most famous e-reader in the world.

It’s great that the infographic includes visionary quotes from Jeff Bezos. Five years, four generations of Kindle, plus Touch, plus Paperwhite, plus Fire. Some would stop here. But it’s where it all starts. Kindle world is not really about devices, but the content.

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Lovers of ebooks and print books need librarians

Ebook infographics - Libraries are foreverLibrarians are the help and the search engine for all things related to written word. The form and format of the book is not the most important factor. It’s the idea behind the infographic from Teaching Degree, based on this year’s study from Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Many ebook infographics are based on this specific study. The thing is what is the message. And the take away from “Libraries are forever” infographic is simple: nothing beats the good book. Electronic or print – it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is to find the good book. In this matter, you can always count on the librarian.

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