15 English grammar mistakes to avoid (infographic)

English Grammar Goofs [Infographic]English is not my mother tongue (I’m sure many readers of Ebook Friendly can say that about themselves), and I’m always delighted to study such entertaining pieces of advice like the infographic below.

Copyblogger is a top destination for online writers. Together with BlueGlass they’ve prepared absolutely wonderful infographic, which lists common English grammar mistakes.

I’ve seen many times native English writers making such goofs as confusing “your” with “you’re”, or “their” with “they’re”. At first it seems strange (at least from a perspective of a foreigner), but the simple explanation is that many people use mostly the spoken language, and the words they confuse sound almost the same.

No matter which language you speak most, enjoy the infographic!

Via 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly | Copyblogger.

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